feedly Windows Phone (WP7/WP8)

The Finally with feedly support. ;) The wait has been worth it. Best newsreaders rather! * Feedly app.


Offline reading

Flux has the best offline reading experience, seriously.
You will find everything you need to enjoy your reading offline.
It stores RSS content, mobile optimized full article and associated images while you're online, so you don't have to worry about the connection later. Isn't cool?
Flux pioneered the reader app with image caching and it is now the first app with mobilized caching.

In-app browser

Flux features a full in-app browsers that gives you the power of the navigation at your fingertips.
Looking to switch between mobilized or original article? Go back to previous page? Share with your friends?
It's all there.

Instant Reading

You don't have to wait for the sync to finish to start reading articles, with Flux you can do it immediately.

Incremental Sync

Flux downloads only the strictly necessary data, so to save your data usage. After the first sync, it updates in a snap!

International and Free

Flux speaks your language: English, spanish, français, italiano, Deutsch, 日本語, 中文(简体).
Wanna see Flux in action? The Trial version is fully functional and Free.

Popular award-winning

They say

    Something has just clicked with us in using this latest revamp
  • Flux's appeal lies in its simplicity.
    The app is one of the most feature-rich RSS readers we have used on Windows Phone.
    Something has just clicked with us in using this latest revamp.


  • an app that really screams Modern UI
    From the exquisite gesture support to the animations and intuitive layout, there's a lot in this app without affecting efficiency.


  • Flux is a gigantic leap forward towards bringing quality apps to this platform.

    Mister Briggs

  • Fast. Fluid. Free. Efficient. User-friend ly. This the the best feed reader i have seen. The UI is simple and clutterfree. No unnecessary UI effects hence fast. Great job developers


  • Fantastic to have Flux back, and now with Feedly support. An absolutely superb example of a WP app done right, works flawlessly.


  • Fabulous news reader app. There is none higher. Also great on Win 8.


  • Really, really great app. Best RSS Reader I have ever used on a mobile. Congrats to the deloper. So smooth, so feature-rich. Love it!



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