feedly Windows 8

The smartest feedly app for Windows 8 is coming.


Offline reading

No Connection? No Problem!
Flux downloads all your articles while online, so you can later enjoy them also when offline.

Visually navigate your feeds

Touch your subscriptions, folders and articles. With Semantic Zoom you can browse through folders only.

Snapped view

Keep an eye on your most important feeds while snapped so to have real-time updates.

Incremental Sync with Instant Reading

It downloads only the strictly necessary data, so to save your data usage. After the first sync, it updates in a snap!
And you don't have to wait for the sync to finish, with Flux you can start reading articles immediatly!


  • Filter any stream by all, unread or starred articles
  • Mark above/selected/all as read
  • Read articles in preview, mobilized or original version (by Readability or Instapaper)
  • 2-way sync with feedly, all secure communications with ssl

Coming soon

  • Live Tiles
  • Multiple "Pin to Start"
  • ... and much more!


  • Flux, My favorite WP7 Google Reader, is now on Win8. And it's spectacular! http://flux-app.com/ Thanks @edwhardt for great apps!


  • Flux, the best Google Reader app for Windows Phone, is now available for Windows 8 as well! http://flux-app.com/windows-8/


  • New Blog Post: Shifting Back to Google Reader for Sharing RSS Items Thanks to Flux http://srtn.us/otg


  • just love this app! best G reader app ever! why this app isn't on top list?


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Google Reader closed July 1, 2013, but don't worry, Flux won't die with it!
We'll add support to feedly, subscribe to be notified as soon as the new Flux is ready.

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